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Why Sunday was so much fun

I found the story explaining what happened on I-95 in Connecticut on Sunday. I love the bit about people calling 911 for traffic reports. Didn't think to do that.

It seems, since both of our workplaces were closed today, that we could have stayed in Mystic and just been snowbound in the B&B. Had we only known.

Today is shoveling day. My car is completely covered, and I'm sure I'll spend most of the day getting it out. At least the plow has come by--but there's so much snow we won't be able to park in the street for quite some time. The other problem is we're running out of places to put our snow. Our path in front of our house is completely covered with about a 5 foot mound--you have to use the driveway to get to the front steps today. The other side of our driveway is too narrow to pile any snow, and our neighbor's hedge is in the way as well (although it's almost completely covered already.) We throw some snow on the neighbor's yard at times. And, we don't shovel all the way to the garage, so we can pile some up there. But shoveling is then mostly carrying snow to various places, and pushing snow out of the way so you can put more snow there.

I like this 4 day weekend though.

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