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In the zone

We wake up this morning, in our lovely B&B in Mystic, getting ready for breakfast when the wife's cell phone rings. It's our friend Paul telling us that apparently they're expecting 16 inches of snow in NJ starting tonight. Ugh. We decide if we don't get out today we'll be stuck in Mystic until at least Wednesday, which is unacceptable. We eat breakfast and inform the owner. We agree to pay for the room (it's not her fault, the weather) but if she could fill it she'd refund our money. Fair enough.

We figure we have a little time and go to the Mystic Seaport museum. It was nice, bitterly cold, but nice. We leave around 1:30 this afternoon, figuring a quick jaunt down 95 back into the area and we'd beat the storm with time to spare. We get on 95 and cruise along--for about 2 miles. We're then stopped cold on the highway. The only reason we're moving at all is because of people getting off at the next exit. Which we decide to do. We thought maybe there was an issue crossing the Thames River in New London, so we'd take a back road, detour over and back. That way was also backed up. We then decide to head north, cross the river near the Mohegan Sun casino, and shoot back down 395 and end up about 10 miles west of New London.

It must have been a good idea because hundreds of our fellow travelers tried it too, resulting in being backed up for about 15 miles, taking us 90 minutes to get to 395. By now it's 3:00 pm and I'm wondering if we'll get back to NJ before the storm. If we hit any traffic we'd be done for. Once I get to open highway I immediately open it up, I'm cruising at 85, only slowing down for other cars, and speeding up when necessary to get out of the clumps of people. I'm in the zone--I need to pee but I ignore it. Food, water, I would have wanted all of it but I sublimated my basic physical needs and channeled all of my energies into making the Subaru move smoothly down the road at the fastest possible speed. My wife was ever the faithful navigator--we decided to chance taking 95 all the way in across the George Washington Bridge and to the Turnpike, figuring we'd save 15 minutes over the Tappan Zee to the Parkway route. Our gamble paid off--there was little or no traffic all the way across the bridge, and although I had to slow down in the city to the speed limit due to traffic, we were moving.

We didn't hit snow until 78, and even then just a dusting on the highway. We took the exit before Hillcrest Rd to avoid the hill, and took Valley Road to the Watchung Circle, to 22, which is the flattest route I know. It was snowing pretty well at this point, about half an inch on the ground, the road beginning to slush over. We make it home without incident at 5:30. Yes, 2 1/2 hours from Mohegan Sun to central Jersey. Yeah, it's probably been done faster, but at what cost?

So our weekend got cut short. We got take out and snuggled at home, as we will tomorrow. Perhaps Tuesday too. Meanwhile, I'm watching the Weather Channel and the snow hasn't gotten past New Haven yet, so the B&B owner is probably thinking we're crazy unless she's waching as well. Of course, tomorrow, all will become clear.

Stay warm and dry.

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