Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


We're notoriously bad about finishing up rolls of film in cameras, and then getting film developed. We just don't take too many pictures, so it's not part of our normal flow.

For instance, we just got back 3 rolls of film. The earliest film is from our Hawaii vacation in February, 2000. This is what I'm talking about. So you forget what the film even is until you look at the pictures.

One roll we started last July when my in-laws and I went to Ellis Island for the day. It was great as always, and as people do when they take the ferry to the island, we took pictures of the Statue of Liberty, and the last photo of the day was a good shot of the lower Manhattan skyline.

The next pictures on the roll were taken on September 16th and were of the impromptu memorials put up at Washington Rock State Park, which used to have view of the World Trade Center.

It was a bit jarring looking through these pictures, and having one be of the buildings, and the very next on the roll part of the story of the aftermath. I know we didn't remember what was in the camera when we took the September pictures, it was just what normally would be the random way we shoot a roll of film, made eerily poignant.


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