Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy


I'm awakened to the sound of the phone ringing at 5am. It's the phone tree for the wife's school, telling her they're closed. She calls her link on the chain and we go back to sleep.

I wake up a little before 7 and turn on the traffic and weather. Ugh. Everything's messed up. I call in to DUSC at 7, and there's no announcement. I think, "well, maybe, it's worse here than in Madison." I think it might be fun to drive the Subaru in to work, but I'm not excited about all those other cars careening in to me. I listened to the snow closing list on WCBS at 7:20 and CCM, St. E's and FDU are all on it. I think, "If Drew hasn't closed, I ain't coming in anyway." Luckily, when I called back the place was shut down for staff.

We've got about 5 or 6 inches of powdery white snow out here right now. It's very pretty. It will be a good day for me to do some work for my class, I can get some housecleaning done, and just rest. I'll do some work too, even. What the hey.

Stay warm and safe.
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