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They're not using this advertising campaign anymore.

So, Novell. It looks like I'm not presenting at BrainShare because there's no money. I may still go, but that's me doing that, unless they find it (mind you, I wasn't actually denied, just not accepted yet. So they may come around. Who knows.

But then, since I'm one of their newsgroup sysops, I got a $100 gift certificate for Amazon. Well, that's nice, and completely unexpected, and not really related to the Brainshare thing. Now, I could have bought some books, but what's the fun in that. Instead, I'm getting the Laurie Anderson and Ben Folds live albums recently released, and then a whole bunch of godspeed you black emperor! and a Sigur Ros album. The latter two are completely uncharted territory for me, the former of the two being something I saw on the net that I thought I'd like, and the latter being Amazon's recommendation after I had put everything else in my shopping cart. A little experimentation is good, no?

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