November 4th, 2008



Voted just before 7 this morning. In my comfortable suburban district there's never any problems, or any line. It was busier than usual but by no means crowded.

I took the kid. He took a very big interest in coming with me. He double checked my choices and pushed the "Cast Vote" button (he even noticed I went off-ticket in a local race).

I've been thinking a lot about my aunt. We lost her this spring. She was 92 and lived in Florida. We were going to visit her for the last time when she passed away. While visting with my cousin (there was to be no service, just cremation and spreading of her ashes back in Sicily), she told me my aunt had been giving $25 a month to Obama since he announced his candidacy. My aunt was an amazing woman for a lot of reasons, and the thought that she had seen something in Obama worth committing to really meant a lot to me. So in a way, my vote was for her too.

Please don't forget to vote today.