May 25th, 2007


Hi, I win bikes.

Back in 2001, I was at BrainShare, and I entered a drawing at the Compaq booth for a mountain bike. I did not stand in line for Adam West's autograph, which I now regret deeply.

However, I did win the bike. It's a Jeep mountain bike, which is slightly better than a department store bike, but not much. I've only ridden it a few times honestly. But, hey, I won a bike.

This past week, TransOptions, who is a non-profit organization to promote carpooling, public transit, and biking/walking commuting, was holding a raffle for Bike To Work week. I've been riding in with the kid a few times a week for the past month or so so I figured I might as well sign up.

Well, the kid got strep that week, and was out sick, and I didn't have opportunities to go in, either I was home or too tired from being up with a sick kid. But Friday the wife was home, and even though it was cool and cloudy, and threatening rain, she encouraged me to ride to work. Which was good and the rain held out.

So I was able to enter the drawing by saying I had rode to work (mind you, it was strictly honor system, so I could have said whatever I wanted, but that would have been wrong.)

I get an email Wednesday that I've won the grand prize -- a Breezer Zig 7 folding bicycle. I picked it up today from the sponsoring bike shop.

So, I have won 2 bikes in my life. This is weird.

Anyway, the bike is cool--it can easily fit in the back of a car. Although you can get a bag for it, it doesn't have a hard case or something like that for plane travel, which is a shame because I could really see using it for that. I think I could get it into a regular suitcase, with proper padding, just fine though. It's a little odd handling--I kind of feel like I'm riding a clown bike when I'm on it. But I am sure I'd get used to it.

I own 4 bikes now--the Breezer, the Jeep, my Cannondale road bike, and my 15 year old Bianchi mountain bike, which is the one I commute to work on because it has the kid seat on the back. The Cannondale stays at work so I can do lunchtime rides on days I have to drive in (like when I replenish supplies like towels, clothes, soap, shampoo, etc.) or for when I'm so intense I want to do three rides a day (which has not happened yet.)

So, if you want to win a bike, talk to me. Apparently I have the touch.