February 3rd, 2007

leisure suit

Feel the power of the New Prog

I figure, hey, I am proud to admit I like prog rock. I'm a white, nerdy American guy. It's my music. The problem with prog, is that despite the name "progressive", most of it was made in the 70s, and new bands making music in that style aren't really "progressive", they're stagnant. Now sure, some of it can be good music, but it's nostalgia, not progression.

But, wait, now there's New Prog. As far as I can tell, New Prog is prog rock made by people in their 20s who supposedly grew up listening not only to Old Prog, but the Sex Pistols and 80s music. Not to be confused with neo-prog which is the prog that people made back in the 80s (and who Marillion are likely the best embodiment of, and who ironically are an influence to New Prog bands) and was considered more derivative of classic prog with shorter songs and pop hooks. New Prog is trendy, it's hip, and it's something that all the cool kids are now allowed to listen to.

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