October 27th, 2005


My cell phone

Hasn't been working right since I went to England in May and tried to use a prepaid SIM after trying to get an unlock code from Cingular which they happily gave me but didn't work. At any rate, I had all sorts of theories why, and it hadn't been working wrong enough to warrant true attention until recently when it would take about 20 tries to make a call, and rarely did receiving them work.

My SIM card also behaved badly in other phones. So I called Cingular and for a not-so-small fee they're sending me a replacement SIM. Once I get it tomorrow I should be back in business.

I've decided the SIM had a mechanical failure of some sort, or perhaps a physically induced data scrambling. The intermittent behavior I experienced was indicative of that. For instance, when I called 611 from the phone for service, sometimes the automated attendant knew my phone number, other times it asked for it as it would if I was calling from another phone. My phone would show a full strength signal and then disconnect when I tried to make a call. The wife's SIM in my phone worked perfectly, BTW.

Looking forward to having a reliable phone again.