September 27th, 2005


Sometimes I know too much, part 3

I was watching the season premiere of "Desperate Housewives", and noticed that the episode was co-written by Kevin Murphy, who overlapped with me at Drew for two years. I think his episodes are really good.

Anyway, one of the characters in the episode (no spoilers here) introduces himself (okay, I just told you that the character is a guy, so minor spoiler, perhaps.) as Ed Ferrara. Ed also went to Drew at roughly the same time (and yes, the website, I'm pretty sure, is him) and worked with Kevin on among other things the TV series "Weird Science". Utilizing Ed's name for a character was surely a tip of the hat, and lends credence to utini2's theory that another character was named after another Drew person (although the name in the latter case is not identical).

It's just odd that I knew enough to make the connection. This probably happens all the time on TV and in movies but I'm never in on the joke.