September 20th, 2005


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LJ Interests meme results

  1. chair throwing:
    You know, it's in my domain. I've only ever thrown chairs for fun though, never in anger or as a weapon.
  2. directory services:
    Without them the world would suck.
  3. garlic:
    All the cuisines I like use garlic as a major ingredient
  4. home improvement:
    I just can't keep away from fixin' them houses.
  5. lally columns:
    I learned a lot about these fixing up basements.
  6. networking:
    My livelihood. I'm good at the technical kind, getting better at the people kind.
  7. phil hartman:
    Taken from us way too soon.
  8. single malt scotch:
    So simple, yet so complex.
  9. the simpsons:
    So simple, yet so complex.
  10. zenworks:
    I realized today that Zenworks is really the core of the cool stuff we do with the campus network.

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