September 6th, 2005



The summer's over. That kind of sucks. I"m not sure if life is easier or more difficult now that the wife's back at work and we switch from upgrade mode to maintenance mode at my work.

I rode my bike to work today. With the kid. It's about 9 miles round trip, which means I saved about $1.50 in gas alone (I get about 21-22 mpg in my car, since I get a lot of stop and go traffic.) Not to mention the feel-good aspects of it. Since I know I can do it I'll be doing it more now. The only trick is there's lots to keep track of. The kid's meal, making sure I have changes of clothes in the office, work shoes, a comb, bringing stuff back home. I also need to budget time--it's about a 7 minute walk to the gym to my office, so about 15 minutes just getting there and back to shower, then 20-30 minutes of shower itself. It's not that I'm lazy or don't want to walk, it's just that's a lot of time to have to budget for. I basically have to leave the house at 7:30 to ensure being at my desk by 9:00. I also assume the logistics will get better.

Our new driveway cured as well. Now we can fit two cars across, so no more roundy-roundy. Yeah, perhaps I feel a little guilty about paving more of the earth, but it will eventually be offset by the wasted fuel from starting the wife's car every day when I get home to pull it in the driveway. Now, she'll be able to do it when she gets home. We also frequently had to move cars wastefully on the weekend. I'm thinking it's at least a wash over time. We also finally got the new garage floor and the house painted. The garage floor makes the rest of the house smell better, since it's not broken and growing mold.

Oh, and you should read this blog and then refer it to BoingBoing or some place like that because it's inane or ironic or whatever. That'd be cool.

Fact, or fiction?

Why is it that older people seem to think the Internet is for forwarding around various crappy emails of all sorts, seemingly not even reading them, surely not fact checking? I get some from my dad and my mother-in-law (although much less than I used to because I told them that either 1) I've already seen it or 2) it's a crock and I'm not interested). The last few I've replied to simply with a link to the page on Snopes that refutes the mail.

But I got 2 emails from Dad today that I couldn't do that with. They're both stunningly similar, come with a long forwarding list in front, and are both unreferenced or not found on the Internet by Googling key phrases. The most damning thing about them in terms of them possibly not being true is that they're attacking the two people who have been most outspoken about the Fed's response to the Katrina disaster.

I don't want to spread this stuff, because I'm pretty sure they're not true, but I think it's an interesting glimpse into what is presented as fact in the Internet circles in which my dad travels (I have no doubts similarly poorly defended stuff goes around the lefty Internet cliques, but my mother-in-law sends less of that.)

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