January 2nd, 2004


Pardon me while I get mushy

I'm sitting here on the computer with my 3 month old son in his Boppy next to me. We're playing but he's getting more tired.

I notice his breath becoming more regular like he's falling asleep. I look over and his eyes are almost closed.

I smile, and he gives me a big smile back, before drifting off to sleep.



This last trip home was the first time I really used my Creative Nomad ZEN USB 2.0 60GB with headphones (usually I just plug it in to my computer at work or my car and listen to it for real.) Well, it's no secret that the Creative headphones really suck. I was thoroughly dissatisfied.

So I go looking around for better headphones. I go to nomadness.net and look for suggestions. There's a few, and I go down to this site and now I want to spend $3,333.00 on a headphone amp (I, however, will refrain from the extra $555.00 for the stepped attenuators--I mean, that's just insane). But more realistically, it looks like there's several decent headphones for about $60 that I would be more than happy with. But man, read a few minutes of this audiophile stuff and you start to get sucked in.

At least this site says my audio player itself has decent sound.


There's a Windows Media Player 9 plugin so that Semagic can pick up your current music selection.

I just spent 2 minutes shuffling through my music collection to find a cool song to put there. Mind you, I could have picked it, I could have typed it in, but that wouldn't have been right. This is more legitimate somehow.
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