January 28th, 2003


Voting, reality TV, and class

So we voted on a school referendum today. The issue was rebuilding part of our town's elementary school to fix a part that is among other things infested with mold. A few years ago, a major expansion plan was rejected, and since then the school board's gotten smart. The voting booths were in one of the trailers that they've had to move facilities to. They also had it at the school the same night as science fair night, so that lots of parents were already there. This time almost everyone voting was couples with kids, as opposed to the time the referendum didn't pass, when everyone voting were older people. So, I think this one might make it.

Looking at The Onion's infograph this week, I think again of my idea for snuff reality TV. I mean, isn't that what we all really want? What could be more dramatic and exciting than watching reality death? Public executions, horrible accidents, I'm not sure what form yet this will take. But it seems like we're not taking things to their logical conclusions. Kind of how I think all seven seasons of Dawson's Creek could have just been a TV movie with half the core group having profound conversation and the other half in some sort of extended orgy, with people circulating between the groups at whim. Friends, too.

I am taking an online class, and like Zaphod in the Total Perspective Vortex, I think, hey, I've seen the universe and it thinks I'm pretty great. So far I have 3 different passwords for accessing course materials. There's no "place" for our stuff--some is in WebBoard, some on the instructor's web site, some in my email at the host university. I'm happy that our stuff at my place of work isn't this obtuse. At least I can tell people what's better and what's not as good. The other good news is that the introductory material is stuff I know pretty well, because I've been teaching it for five years. So hopefully this course will go well.