July 25th, 2002


Tuesdays and Thursdays

The wife is off teaching, so I have the place to myself. On Tuesdays I won't get home until about 8:30 or 9 or so. Anyway, apparently NBC really like this "Scrubs" show of theirs, so I've been watching it. It's actually kind of funny most of the time, so that's good. Of course, now I'll have another TV monkey on my back.

Channel surfing during commercials, I wonder what the big deal about Emeril is. He's not that brilliant of a cook, I have thought of most of his clever tricks at one time or another, and when I yell spastically like that I usually get concerned looks and "Are you all right?"s, not encouragement from a bunch of whooping, air-punching automatons like he seems to get for the studio audience of his Food Network show. And, mind you, I love cooking shows, that's not the problem--I'll usually stay in the house all Sunday afternoon watching the food shows on Channel 13--it's just that Emeril is thoroughly unrewarding. So why do I keep flipping to it? I don't know. I'm still trying to see if I'm missing something, I guess.

Perhaps this weekend we'll do some car shopping. It's down to either a Subaru (Outback or Forester) or a Volvo (V70 or the Cross Country, but I imagine the latter is a bit more than we're looking to spend, unless we go used. I am really looking forward to spending time with car salespeople. I thought about it: When I buy anything else (computers, audio equipment, etc.) it's easy to get really good technical information and evaluations about them. Cars, most of the info out there's much more touchy-feely--and unlike computers and audio, where if you go to the right shops you'll actually get salespeople who know about what they're selling (although, admittedly, they're not at CompUSA or Best Buy or The Wiz), car salespeople actually seem to revel in their ineptitude, trying to get you to only care about the color or styling or useless features instead of talking real facts about reliability, handling, performance, etc. If I actually found a car salesperson that I could have an intelligent conversation with, I'd definitely buy from them. It won't happen.

Wow, a full-fledged rant. Nearly stream-of-consciousness. I'll have to do that more often.

More ranting

Boy, I hate Old Navy ads with a fire that comes from the depths of Hell.

I also hate Old Navy because to them everyone is Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. I do not fit into their arbitrary categories. They suck.