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The grocery store

We don't go to the grocery store very much because of the coop but there are a few things that we can't get there. Two of them are the canned olives the wife enjoys and good vegetarian baked beans. The former is because my wife has a taste for cheap olives (much like I have a taste for cheap wine), but the latter is truly a mystery. We got some veggie baked beans at the Co-op and they were flavorless and hard, really completely unappetizing. So it's earth-raping baked beans for us. Oh yeah, and saltines too. We can get great crackers of other kinds at the Co-op but the hippie food companies can't seem to get a good saltine together. I mean, it can't be hard, I just think they expect their customers to like more earthy-tasting things. Feh, give me a Premium-style saltine with organic flour and non-hydrogenated oil that tasted about the same and I'd be cool.

But I digress. At the checkout, I was scanning the periodicals (I didn't know that Saddam has a doomsday device, according to the Weekly World News) and I saw the cover of the Woman's World Weekly (eerily similar title, no?) The cover said "Lose 33 Pounds" and in the corner, a picture and recipe of a peanut butter chocolate swirl cheesecake.

Right there is what is wrong with America.
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