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The things I do

So, tonight, I guess right now, Ben Folds is playing the Beacon Theater in the city. I thought about going, but decided against it because I only found out about it a few days ago.

Then today I get this email:

The following message is an announcement from the Joe Jackson Web Site.

Joe is playing with Ben Folds Friday night January 10 at the Beacon Theater in NYC. He will be performing three songs with Ben; two JJ songs and one Ben song.

Wh-hat? I mean, Ben Folds, who can really sometimes sound like Joe Jackson, playing with him? How cool is that, I mean, yeah, they both played on that Rickie Lee Jones album, but not on the same song, certainly not together. This is the coolest thing this year.

So I went off and got a ticket for the show. Yeah, it's upper balcony, but it's not the very last row of the theatre, so that's good. It is probably a good seat--there really aren't bad seats in the Beacon. Although the other two times I have been there (JJ and Sarah McLachlan) I was in the front row, so maybe I can't say for sure. Up in the balcony, I'll get to see the great plaster work in the ceiling, so that's cool. And this will be cool because I'm seeing Joe in April at Irving Plaza with the old band. After that, counting guest appearances (Joe played in a Joni Mitchell tribute concert in Central Park back in 1999 or 2000), I will have seen Joe Jackson 8 times. I think that's my most times seeing a single act (I really need to count that up again.)

And, by the way, the wife is really cool that she lets me go. It helps that we were able to see each other every day this week for a change.

So, yeah, I'm going to another show. I had hoped to take the wife to see Groovelily on Saturday night, but that's only in the Watchung Circle, so it's not a big deal to just bop down there. See, Groovelily is fronted by someone who toured with Joe Jackson, and it's good stuff.

How did it happen that Joe Jackson isn't in the drinking game, anyway?

And hopefully by tomorrow (definitely by Saturday) and will be operational. Now I'll come up with all sorts of fun email addresses as well. I'm looking forward to having email addresses for fun. I may actually start getting mail over there. It may be hard to believe, but these are my first domains. I only have two for now. I'm way behind people like yesthattom and windexcowboy. Patience, grasshopper.

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