Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Well, that explains everything.

We usually buy bread from "The Baker", which used to be really good, wholesome bread baked in Hunterdon County. Lately, I've noticed it's been not as good, and they stopped making it with organic ingredients. And the loaves had gotten smaller for the same price.

Looking at the bags, I also realized it's not even being made in NJ anymore (at least not the loaves we've been buying from Whole Foods). Sometimes it's made in Vermont, sometimes in Connecticut.

If you go to The Baker's web site, it links to a bakery in Colorado called Charter Baking.

A Google search turns up this article from Baking Management magazine, describing what happened. Basically, four independent organic and natural bakeries got bought by a private equity group, and they're, somewhat cynically, marketing these bakeries products as interchangeable brand identities in a faceless conglomerate. Pretty much all the bread at Whole Foods (except what they bake on site, and probably the store brand) is from Charter Baking.

I'd be happy to find a good, local, organic baker for my sliced bread. Guess I'll keep looking.
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