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Dec. 5th, 2002 @ 04:01 pm Wierd.
I never noticed this before.

I often do speed checking with ftp://ftp1.optonline.net/test64 which is a 64 MB file of stuff. Downloading it with IE gives a consistent 1 MB a second, with Mozilla, only 800KB a second.

I then tried Netscape 4.79, and it gave about 990KB a second.

I'm sad. Is Mozilla, in fact, slower than the other browsers?

(Yes, I know, I shouldn't be bitching about getting "only" 800KB/second downloads on my cable modem, but I worked hard on my setup. Put the modem on the first split from the outside connection, bought a fast modem, made sure my Linksys wasn't slowing things down, the whole act. Too much work to have Mozilla mess it up.)
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