Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Carvel sprinkles

I need help, Internetz.

When I was a kid, one of the most amazing times we had was going to the Carvel near our house. Sometimes my grandpa would take us and buy Lollapaloozas or Flying Saucers, or some such. But my favorite (as it is today) was the simple chocolate frozen custard cone with chocolate sprinkles.

Carvel sprinkles, however, were sublime. The sprinkles you get today in most places are rather thick and nubby. Carvel sprinkles were thin--about 1/3 or 1/2 the thickness if my memory serves, and just as long. The tactile experience in your mouth was completely different--little exploding crunchies as you licked or bit the cone.

I never liked anyone else's sprinkles (or "jimmies") nearly as much. The last time I went to Carvel however they had the same sprinkles everyone else had. I was disappointed.

So, does anyone else remember Carvel sprinkles from the 1970s? Would some Carvels still have these sprinkles, perhaps based on what franchisee owns them? Is there any place where I could buy them and have them myself?
Tags: carvel sprinkles

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