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I was awakened to the sound of the phone ringing--the phone tree for school had gotten to my wife and school was closed. Good thing too, because 10 minutes later she'd have to be on the way to work.

I did some Internet research and noticed that every school district around me was closed. There were 8 accidents on Rt 287 between here and Bedminster. Rt. 287 is one of my alternate snow routes to work (the other is a string of back roads that have very gradual incline changes. My normal route up Washington Rock Road is never a good idea in inclement weather, and usually gets closed in weather like this anyway. The section of 78 I would have to take usually is a no-man's land in the snow, too.)

I stayed home, even though the University was still open. They announced a 1pm closing. Now, I won't editorialize on whether it's a good idea to force everyone to drag their asses into work to then turn them around 4 (or possibly 3 or 2, depending on how long it took to get there) hours later, during the worst of the storm, when everyone else will be out there on the roads, and it's that critical time before the plows and salt have been able to be used to maximum effect. I still have memories of last season's four and a half hour "drive" home with nearly an empty tank of gas because the University didn't proactively close, not to mention the night spent in my car on Warrenville Road waiting for the plow.

I emailed my NJIT prof and told him Drew was closed and he postponed class. So now, stay at home, make a snowman, and some hot chocolate. Also, I get to see my wife, which is a nice surprise for a day that is not a Tuesday. I'll actually get some work done too, including some studying for my class.

Or, maybe I'll just sleep.

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