Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Enjoy every sandwich

Haven't posted in a while.

New phone is good. Got some accessories (headset and car charger). I like it.

Saw Rush a week ago. They were good. I then bought Neil Peart's book Ghost Rider and am reading that. It's about the 55,000 mile motorcycle trip he took all over the Americas while trying to put his life back together after his daughter was killed in a car wreck and his wife died of cancer 10 months later. It's part memoir, part travelogue. Some neat Rush tidbits if you're a fan, but it's also a good book for the travel writing and the insights on life and the world from someone who's not religious but is finding some spirituality along the way.

Two weeks ago I saw Warren Zevon on the Late Show. He was Letterman's only guest, and it was clear that Dave really likes the guy and is a significant fan of Warren's music (if it wasn't clear already from him being the only substitute bandleader for Paul Shaffer.) Warren talked about his terminal illness, joked with Dave, and when Dave asked what Warren's learned by his ordeal, he said he's learned to "enjoy every sandwich". Warren then played 3 songs: Mutineer, Genius (with a real string quartet) and Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner becuase it's Dave's favorite. Dave was nearly in tears, it was clear. This was likely Warren's last public performance. So sad.

The other book I had been reading is A Year at the Movies by Mystery Science Theater 3000's Kevin Murphy. It's about him going to the movies every day for a year, all over the world, in various ways. He lives on theatre food for a week. He takes 6 women to the same date movie. Stuff like that. He's funny and interesting, and knows a crapload about movies. Worth the read.
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