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Waiting for Joe Jackson to start here at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ. I realized the last time I was here was in 1994 also to see Joe Jackson. There's netting up near the ceiling, not for acoustics but to catch pieces of falling plaster. Cool. They also have a section of wall painted, I assume, as it used to be instead of all white like the rest of the theatre. The seats are new

This is a cool theater, I'm 14 rows back, center orchestra. Nice sound. Opening band was Mutlu, a guy from Philly with a guitar, and another guy with a guitar. Not bad.

Now they're doing that "must look busy setting thing up even though we did so hours ago" thing.

I'm one of the younger people here, although not by much.

Should be any minute now. Guess I should put the damn Blackberry away.
Tags: count basie theatre, joe jackson, mutlu, red bank
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