Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Can you freakin' hear me now, asshat?

I've left the ranks of Sprint PCS and joined the happy campers at Verizon Wireless. The wife and myself got phones. This is especially exciting for said wife because she never had one before. So we're getting into the whole thing.

We got different phones--the wife got a Motorola V60i, and I got a T720. Due to quirks in rebates and pricing, mine was actually cheaper because they have a $100 rebate for your old cell phone. That's what I paid for it so that worked out nicely. We got a good plan. I'm still figuring out all the cool stuff like messaging and web and all that. I'll get there. This phone is so much better than my old one it's not even funny. I think the service will be better too. And being a completely cell-phoned family will be nice. I think we'll talk to each other more, since there's times we're available but could only call each other on cell phones.

Not much else to report.

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