Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Banged up

It was mostly raining yesterday, but just a little bit of freezing rain too.

The front steps were icy. I was so worried about the kid--I warned him to be careful. I then stepped down and proceeded to slip down the rest of the way.

The part that hurt the most was the outside of my lower right leg. I couldn't tell if I had broken it, but after a few seconds I tried to put weight on it and it seemed okay, although painful. Most of my upper body landed on my attache, which cushioned my fall.

Today, I have strange pains on my back, my leg, my right wrist, and my left big toe. Kind of like I did a lot of heavy lifting and strained stuff, except considerably less useful.

Of course the kid was fine and went down the steps no problem.
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