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Not many of you are likely to have experienced game day in a big college football town. Especially when it's a big rivalry.

Like the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, playing in just a few minutes, just a few miles from our hotel. They call it "Bedlam"--that's not a description, it's a name. We were warned to not try and get to my brother's house before kickoff, because getting across town would be impossible. A few other notes:

The hotel staff were all wearing OU shirts at breakfast. Yesterday, they took down the American flag and replaced it with an OU flag. Several other places in town did the same.

Most of the people around the breakfast room were also in OU crimson and white, except for one couple proudly wearing OSU black and orange. They were getting dirty looks.

We went to the YMCA (they let hotel guests go) and everyone was wearing OU gear there too.

My brother's a big fan so dinner (we're doing Thanksgiving today since the wife wasn't around until late Thursday and my oldest nephew was doing dinner with his girlfriend's family) will be at "halftime." Ironically, my brother never went to OU, my other bro got his Ph.D there, and my nephew is now going there, and they couldn't care less.

Anyway, if you see it on TV, think of me just down the road, waiting it out.
Tags: oklahoma, sooners, travel
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