Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Writer's strike

Of course I'm completely on the side of the writers on this one--the media companies are making truckloads of money and they can easily afford to kick back another percent or two to the people who actually make all the words that are said in the things they make. I think of how much my favorite shows make me happy and how much of that has to do with the writing.

I've seen a few articles and videos of famous people on the picket lines doing their organized labor duties. The trick for them is they have to make their case effectively, but at the same time if they're too witty and clever, well, they're basically writing for the news show. Take this article with a quote from the Daily Show's John Oliver:

"It's affecting us in the most visible way possible," John Oliver, a writer and correspondent for "The Daily Show," told CNN on Monday as he stood amid the pickets. . . "We're off the air," Oliver said. "We'd much rather work than stand in the cold. Writers are people who fear the sunlight," he added, smiling.

Watch it, Oliver. Sounds an awful lot like comedy writing to me.

So to all the people on the picket lines now, hang in there and I hope it's over soon.
Tags: comedy, writer's strike

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