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Aug. 24th, 2007 @ 07:40 pm cabinet

Originally uploaded by mrfantasy
Remember how I was saying we want to redo the kitchen? The main objective is ripping out the office area and opening it up. Apparently it's decided to start doing this on its own. The wife was walking by when it happened, and got a nasty bruise on her arm. Things would have been worse if it hadn't wedged into the wall there and stopped. All the stuff on top of it fell--our pizza stone broke in two, and other things were destroyed. Underneath this on the shelf below is our printer and scanner--which seem fine, they didn't take the brunt of it. We had to lower it down and empty it upside-down. There's lots of gouges in the wall and one in the floor.

Anyone who's ever done anything with cabinets knows you're supposed to screw them in to studs. Well, this cabinet was put up with drywall anchors. I'm not sure why since there should be plenty of studs in the wall. If you didn't know cabinets have to be secured by screwing them into studs, well, this is why.
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