Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
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Just got back from seeing Rush at the PNC Bank Arts Center. What a great show. 3 hours of music, lots of the new album and many old tracks I hadn't heard before (Here's a link to the setlist if you're interested. They did the substitution mentioned on 7/4 tonight as well.)

I've only seen Rush 3 times but this was probably the best one. They're just so damn good. They don't really make any mistakes. At least playing, Geddy sometimes has some trouble with the high notes, but he was actually quite good tonight.

Even kingfox would have liked the South Park bit.

And at least this time I didn't have aging frat boys screaming, but I did have two guys in front of me, in different rows, insisting on air drumming by holding up their right arms all night. It was almost like conducting, actually. I have 3 problems with this: 1) I can't see, 2) I think the band knows how to play stuff and don't need your help and 3) Everybody else knows how the song goes too, bucko, because we're all a bunch of middle-aged men who still think we're in high school and that liking Rush somehow makes us cool, and we've memorized every passage, drum fill, and note. So thanks for playing but keep the rythmic arm movements where we can't see them.

So other than that the fans were downright friendly. People were letting people in leaving the parking lot. That never happens to me.
Tags: "funny", geek, music, prog rock, rush

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