Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Marillion -- Somewhere Else

It's been three years since the last new Marillion album, and what I said then about them is still true now. This music gets inside me and pervades all I do. A new album is a significant life event.

Somewhere Else is just over half the length of Marbles and is stylistically very different--shorter songs, much more intimate production, simpler melodies and arrangements. Much more like some of the current bands with shorter pop songs with prog elements. Steve Hogarth's vocals are much more fragile, frequently breaking into falsetto, dripping with emotion and drama. While writing the album he broke up with his wife, and the title track of the album is a study of that, and the album's songs are themed with doubt, uncertainty, and distance. Certainly not a concept album, but a thematically related one.

I love the title track and the subsequent "Voice From the Past" , but I like the whole thing. Fundamentally I'm a ridiculous fanboy and would love anything they did, but what that means is I keep listening until I figure out how to appreciate what they're trying to do. I almost always can, and this album makes it easy.

This album actually fits in well with the new prog stuff I've been listening to. It also shouldn't scare you away if you listen to Radiohead or Coldplay or Muse or stuff like that. So give it a shot. It comes out in the US on April 24th.
Tags: marillion, prog rock

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