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Broken teakettle whistle

It's always worth asking. Our tea kettle's whistle broke this weekend, and that's bad. So I emailed the company:

To: Mail, Copco
Subject: Broken teakettle whistle

I own a Strata teakettle
that I received as a gift in Christmas, 2005. I really like it and it works great. Yesterday we were boiling some water and when I lifted the whistle to pour, it popped open and a metal disc and spring came flying out. I cannot figure out how to get it back together, and
it surely does not whistle in its present configuration.

I'm hoping you can tell me how to go about getting the whistle replaced, or what else we can do to make our teakettle whole again.

Thank you.

Mxxx Rxxxxxxx
2x Txxxxxxxx Axx
Cxxxxxx, NJ 0xxxx
(973) 6xx-xxxx

I figured they'd tell me I'm SOL, or sell me a whistle replacement kit. But I did much better than that:

From: "Mail, Copco" <>
Date: Mon, April 9, 2007 9:00 am
Thank you for contacting us regarding your teakettle. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment you have encountered. We are sorry the broken parts are not replaceable. I would like to replace the kettle for you. Thank you for supplying all the information needed. You will be receiving a new Strata teakettle with in the next 3 weeks. We do not want the defective kettle back. If we can be of further assistance please let us know.
Customer service/Rxx

So, anyone want a slightly broken teakettle?
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