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Welcome to the wonderful world of wireless

I got a wireless access point (Linksys WAP11) and it works. Cool.

Now I need to put it on top of the HUSAR (how Fight Club of me, no?) up in the office for the best coverage inside and outside of the house. Don't worry, I'm going to turn off broadcasting the SSID, enable MAC address filtering, and 128-bit WEP. No free wireless from my house to patrons of Charlie Brown's and Capitol Lighting (soon, they're not moved in yet).

I also put in a set of fireplace glass doors since our old ones are long since gone, and never fit right anyway. The new one is better, but our fireplace opening is not at all plumb (which probably contributed to the bad fit of the previous doors) so it's a compromise between a few gaps, getting it as centered as possible, and not racking it too badly. If you look at the photo, though, it looks like it's on a wood fireplace, which they say is a big no-no. The Mayfair is for masonry fireplaces only, folks.

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