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Zevon Remasters

March 27th saw the release of the Warren Zevon albums Excitable Boy, Stand In The Fire, and The Envoy. The latter two have never been on CD before, and all three have bonus tracks.

These are all great albums and make you miss Warren even more. In some ways they feel new even though they're over 25 years old. SITF has been out of print for so long I have never heard it (and never did pick it up on vinyl when I've seen it at old record stores) and is a rocking live album.

I had read somewhere that Warren's greatest lament was that he really didn't have much money to leave his children and grandchildren, his rock star life not leading to incredible riches. He told his kids to use his music and his recording studio for their benefit.
Tags: ahoooooo, music, werewolves of london, zevon

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