Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

End of week

As in, weekend.

Went to dinner with quietchris, yesthattom, origamislayer, and stitchinthyme at Danielle's in town, which we don't go to enough for how good it is. So that was fun. Also hung out and talked, which we hadn't done in a while. Hadn't seen them all in several months, which is unusual for Chris and Tom since they live nearby, but we've all been busy with life stuff.

The rest of my conference was good. I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning and doing errands and stuff like that. Mostly a low-key weekend for various reasons. Oh and let's hear it for it actually being winter now instead of that creepy, way too warm, climate change shit we had the rest of this month.

I upgraded SlimServer to 6.5.1 as well. So far it still works.
Tags: conferences, food, geek, slimserver

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