Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

A meme taggin'

So, Jason has decided I need to do a stupid meme. Little does he know I'll be in Baltimore in January and he now owes me a beer. Anyway, here's

Five Things You Didn't Know About Me Until Now

  1. Both my brothers have internal organs that are completely reversed.
    It's called situs inversus and it's really rare. We used to be told it was a random mutation, but Wikipedia suggests it's an autosomal receessive genetic condition. So I may be a carrier. At any rate, their internal organs are a mirror image of where they're supposed to be. And, oddly, one is left-handed, and one is right-handed.

  2. I was a high school wrestler.
    Yes, when I decided to play an organized sport in high school, I decided that my short, stocky build was best suited to wrestling. This was completely wrong--I was wrestling with people about 8-10 inches taller than me in my weight class, who were wiry and every bit as strong. Combine their better mechanical advantage with my complete lack of a killer instinct (you don't need to try to cause physical harm to be a good wrestler, but you have to be willing to have it happen) and you end up with someone who only one 1 match (to a barrel-chested kid with no upper body strength) and t-shirts with permanent stains on the upper back from having it rubbed around on the mat so much.

  3. I worked a summer at a Boy Scout camp.
    I had wanted a cool counselor job (and the year before was a counselor in training at the First Aid lodge, when a kid was struck and killed by lightning) but ended up on the kitchen staff. Paid $50 a week (well, plus free tent and board), up at 5 am every day, absolutely backbreaking work . Plus we had this one guy who never showered and always smelled like sour milk. We ended up throwing him in the shower one afternoon and scrubbing him with bleach and other cleaning products. Then there was the not too smart guy (no, really, I think a little learning disabled) who mixed bleach and ammonia and wondered what the strange mist was.

  4. I was a high school thespian.
    Oh, yes. It started when I played Dr. Chumley in Harvey, then various roles in George M!, then Renfield in Dracula (my favorite role and play), then Sonny in Grease (my least favorite). I was very interested in being a theatre major when I got to college, but I decided physics was a better tack--the same amount of work with better career prospects. I did act in a few plays in college too. I haven't since, I hope to do community theatre someday.

  5. I set the record for push-ups in my high school.
    We, like most schools, had our Presidential Fitness Tests every year. I was reasonably fit, and as it was happening in the middle of wrestling season (see above) I was actually really well conditioned. The record for push-ups was 110, and I knew I could beat it. I could take as long as I wanted as long as I didn't rest on the floor. So I did. I did 111 before collapsing. Oddly, while I set the push-up record that year, I could barely do an average number of pull-ups. I also ran the 50 yard dash about as fast as anyone else in my class, although couldn't crack an 8 minute mile.

Now, I'm supposed to share the love. I tag kingfox, origamislayer, periol and Reverend Ted (if he even reads this, which I think he does, but you never know. What the hell.)

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