Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

A surreal moment

I'm driving around yesterday on my way to Home Depot, and I've got Brian Lehrer on, and they're talking about Iraq. Brian cuts a caller short because they've got "someone from Iraq calling in." He takes the caller and he introduces himself and says he's a physician in Morristown. The voice and first name are familiar and I realize it's one of the kid's pediatricians. He is a Mandaean and was talking about how, as a religious minority that's neither Christian or Muslim, they're persecuted by virtually everyone in Iraq, and people who have gone into exile in Syria and Jordan are also being persecuted. It was surreal, both because I had never heard of the religion before, but it was someone I know on the radio talking about something that I don't know him for at all.
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