Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Celebrity sightings

Last night was a date night. We went out for Ethiopian food which was great and surely a keeper (thanks blackbytes!) At the table next to us was David Brancaccio with some friends. I wasn't sure until I did a Google Images search on my Blackberry.

This would be the second public broadcasting personality I've encountered in real life. I was at SIGUCCS in Portland, OR in 2001, and Ray Suarez was waiting for a limo to the airport. I was taking a shuttle, and later saw him again at the airport, in the US Airways ticket line.

There was also the time I saw Pat Sajak at a restaurant in Hawaii.

After dinner was johnstevensaul's cocktail party, which as far as I could tell was a smashing success. The sidecar was delicious, as well as the chocolate covered cream puffs. Insane!
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