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Fun day. The boy was a construction worker. I suggested in subsequent years he go as a police officer, cowboy, Indian, etc. The wife vetoed that.

At her school, they encouraged costumes for the kids. She described the girl's costumes as whatever you'd dress up as with "slutty" in front of it.

They didn't allow masks at her school. I guess that's not surprising with recent security concerns. But it makes impossible the best Halloween costume I've ever seen (well, except for the people I saw in Fort Collins who dress up as The Residents--it was spot on--in fact, in hindsight I'm convinced they actually were The Residents). I was in high school and we were allowed to dress up. I forget who I was that year. I was walking in the rotunda (a circular corridor around which were the offices and the library, and in the center a small auditorium with wild acoustics) when I saw a buddy of mine.

In a Santa Claus suit.

Wearing an executioner's hood.

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