Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

weekends are fun

I'm taking off of work for a few days. I'll be sitting around at home. A break.

This weekend, didn't do a whole lot. I had an open house at Drew, which is always fun. Went out to dinner Saturday night at a friend's restaurant (okay, the friend is an old college friend, and her new husband owns the restaurant, but he's a really nice guy and even though I've only actually met him like 4 times, he's a friend) down in Little Silver--The Village Bistro. It is good and you should go because our friends do not deserve to be destitute. Turns out as well that our friend's mother (the college friend not the restaurant owner) is now Ms. Senior New Jersey 2003. She's busy with her duties, which are primarily visiting senior centers and ertaining. Who knew?

Today went shopping. I bought another pair of running shorts. We also looked at 3 open houses in the neighborhood. Not that we're buying right away, but we're starting the process of figuring out what we're going to get for our place and what we should expect to spend for what we want. We liked the 5 bedroom place but it was way too much money, especially considering what we'd have to do to turn it into our dream home. The realtor said the sellers were motivated, but I doubt as motivated as we'd want. At any rate, we're not moving.

I'll post more Mr. Fantasy At Home updates during the week.

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