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SLED 10 support on Thinkpads

Lenovo has announced that they're supporting SLED 10 on the Lenovo ThinkPad T60p.

Sure enough, Lenovo now has files for the power management utility, configuration utility, and Access Connections available for download.

I have a T60, not a T60p, but the big difference is the video adapter (and the 1600x1200 screen option) so I try these packages.

The power manager installs fine and works great. Shows up on the applications menu and looks identical to the Windows version.

The ThinkPad configuration utility, however, doesn't install right with the Red Carpet/ZLM graphical utility. Using rpm from the command line shows it's bombing out on a KDE directory. I create the directory it's looking for and install it but then it doesn't show up on the menus. I find the program in /opt/thinkpad and run it from the command line. It comes up, and works just like the Windows app, but it's trying to call KDE apps whenever it hits something like mouse configuration, etc.

KDE? I mean, if it supported KDE and Gnome I wouldn't mind, but to only support KDE, well, for SLED 10, that seems ridiculous. So I'm not sure what Lenovo has in mind here.

I haven't had the gumption to try Access Connections because it could royally screw things up, and the Gnome network configuration utility is working fine--at least much better than any other Linux wireless network app has ever worked for me.

So it's a fun experiment, and again, a bit of a case of "good job!".
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