Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

The SLED transition continues

So, here I am. I've been running SLED 10 exclusively for about 5 days now, on my laptop.

Evolution is better than GroupWise 7. It's more stable, has as much functionality as the GroupWise Linux client, and it lets me access my chairthrower account too. The only thing it didn't do well was new message popups but a new script fixed that for me pretty well. (GW 7 for Linux doesn't have the Notify client like in Windows so it doesn't do popups either.)

I also didn't have the suspend on lid close behavior, but I fixed that by changing the ACPI settings to suspend to RAM. It works pretty well--better than suspend from the login menu which usually corrupted the / partition.

Which is a big problem. I've got Xgl ("Desktop Effects") enabled but my card isn't fully supported, which I now realize means "it will crash at random, especially when you're doing cool things". When it crashes it locks up hard and you have to power cycle--which means the root partition gets corrupted and GRUB won't load. So you have to boot from the DVD, load the rescue system, reiserfsck the root partition, and reboot. Boy, that's fun.

Another thing that doesn't work right either is totem. I haven't found a single video on the net that this thing knows how to play. I compiled and installed mplayer and that's handled anything I've thrown at it. It's much less fancy though, so I'll have to work on that.

I'm still less than impressed with downloading new software. Stuff doesn't necessarily get into the start menu correctly, and other stuff is basically random. But that's fairly typical Linux stuff.

Firefox's default font sucked. You couldn't tell bold from regular text. I set it to the Gnome default font and it works much better now.

One area I'm still somewhat deficient in is a good music tagging program. I use MP3Tag in Windows and it rocks. EasyTAG looks like it should be as functional but it's buggy, especially, apparently going to a remote filesystem, which is where all my music stuff is.

Another thing about that: You can mount remote filesystems in the file viewer, but then no other programs can seemingly browse that path easily. Actually, Banshee can but I can't get it to scan a whole folder tree and catalog the files to play--it seems it either wants files off your home folder or to browse and play a file at a time. I'm not sure what the fascination with Banshee is--it looks nice but it really doesn't seem to have the cataloging and organizing features of Windows Media Player, iTunes, or other music packages.

In general, I feel there's still a bit of a "good job!" mentality when it comes to Linux apps--that if they've gotten anything working we're supposed to be proud as if they're some sort of differently-abled child. If you're trying to build a corporate Linux distro that's not good enough. You need things to work.

And I'm posting this from LogJam, which is almost as good as Semagic. Good job!

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