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Since I'm here at Novell in Provo at a conference, I have a DVD of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 to use. I've partitioned my laptop (which the install will do for you automatically, shrinking your Windows partition) and am running it.

I have the ATI driver and desktop effects running. Very cool, until the computer froze up while I was spinning my four virtual desktops in a cube around, and the bootloader wouldn't start until I booted with the DVD and repaired the filesystem.

I'm actually going to try and live in Linux for a while, see what happens. I already have several things that don't work right (my BlackBerry won't charge for instance since there's no Linux driver for it) but it's probably a 90% solution at this point. I can't wait to hook up my scanner at home and hook up to the network print server.

Oh, and the GW7 Linux client isn't as good as they would have you believe. It just freezes up at times, and it is missing features from the GW7 Windows client, which I've gotten quite attached to.
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