Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

Selling out

After the most recent Slashdot story about a Microsoft exec moving to Google and the requisite "chair throwing" jokes I realized it's about time I cashed in.

I was talking with yesthattom a few weeks ago over dinner and he suggested I cash in on Steve Ballmer's proclivities with Google Ads. I'm sure this was not influenced by the fact he's now working for Google.

I looked at my web hits and I'm getting several hundred hits a day now, mostly to my blog and to Tofu Jerky. I might actually get enough traffic to get some money. Really, I'm just looking for enough to cover my hosting fees (which is less than $100 anyway since I'm getting DreamHost rewards that cover a bit of that.) And, I realized, many people don't even think of Google Ads as ads, just things you see on a website.

So yes, I'm a sellout, a whore, a sleazeball. Sorry about that. I'll be interested to see if I actually get anything from this. (I would tell you to go to my pages and start clicking things but that would be unethical.)

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