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Look at me as I try new things.

Lately, I've been on a bit of a CD buying binge. Partly to get some new stuff in my repertoire, but I've not resisted buying some CDs from aging rock dinosaurs either. The best way to see what I've gotten is to go to my automated CD ripping blog which gets autoposted to every time I put a new CD in the Kuro Box for the SlimServer. But I'll discuss what I've learned briefly.

The Flaming Lips--People have tried to tell me about them before. I now understand why after buying "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" and "At War With the Mystics". Wonderfully complicated music. I like that.

The Mars Volta--I forget how I found out about them. They're sort of Dream Theatre meets Rush meets some fucked up experimental jazz group founded by people who were at one time or another part of Yes, and had been living with several members of King Crimson, who also may or may not have been part of the band. Then those people met up with some punk rockers from the 80s and had a great time. But again, very intricate, detailed music. A lot to chew on.

Paul Simon--"Surprise" is the title of his new one, and it is, mostly because I didn't know he was working on a new one. Calling it his best since "Graceland" is easy and true, and Brian Eno's production is not as jarring as a lot of the stuff I read about it would have you believe. I mean, there's a limit to how uncomfortable Paul Simon's voice can be.

I finally bought an album by The White Stripes. I'm so cool.

Neil Young is amazing, showing all those young whippersnappers how to write and record a protest album in 3 days.

The new Beth Orton album made me thing something was wrong with my stereo, but then I realized that was how it was produced. It's certainly her mellowest album. I need to let it grow on me more.

Same thing with the new David Gilmour album. It's supposedly really good but I haven't really had a good listening session to try that out.

I will enjoy the new Donald Fagen album whenever I feel the need for smooth, emotionless music.
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