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I bought one of those cool Western Digital 80GB hard drives with the 8MB cache. I also have Partition Magic and I thought I'd be cool and just copy the partitions from one disk to the other. Tres slick.

Of course Linux boots no matter where you stick it, but Windows XP gets bitchy if it's not the number 1 partition. I was having all sorts of strange boot problems, LBA versus CHS drive settings in the BIOS, etc. Finally, I've gotten my original XP partition booting again, which I'll need to run Partition Magic to take the second hard drive and turn my Linux boot partition (under the 8GB boundary) back into an extended partition which it is on the old disk so that I can boot XP on the new disk without it thinking it's booting on drive D (or disk(1) or whatever) and actually won't boot if you don't set the boot.ini correctly first, blah, blah blah.

At any rate, I should have the new drive active any time now.

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