Mr. Fantasy (mrfantasy) wrote,
Mr. Fantasy

The Odd Couple

So, two months ago, I bought tickets to The Odd Couple as an anniversary present to us (11 years today, thankyouverymuch). I've always loved the play/movie/TV show and I figured Lane and Broderick were worth it, and this was about right for our 2-3 times a year Broadway excursion.

Unlike last time's driving rain, the weather was perfect and we set out from the house in the car around 6pm. We were going to the Lincoln Tunnel, but for some bonehead reason didn't turn on the traffic radio until we already made the choice where the Turnpike splits on 78. We then found out about the 45 minute delay, but we were backed up at the 16E toll booth. We ended up going back down 1-9 to the Holland and up the West Side Highway in Manhattan, and ended up arriving at the theatre around 8:20. Thankfully, they let us in the theatre, and let us watch from the back until scene change, when they tried to seat us but people were in our seats. Luckily the seats at the end of the row were open so the usher put us there and said he'd clear it up at intermission. By the way, the ushers were really nice and quite professional--they were dealing with a few latecomers and took good care of us. At intermission we realized the party next to us was 2 seats over from where they should have been, so we asked them to move over and took our rightful seats in the center of the theatre, 12 rows back.

We guess we only missed about 5-10 minutes of the actual show, so it wasn't as bad as we feared. If we had stayed on the Lincoln Tunnel approach we probably would have missed more--but we probably would have had no problem if we had just decided on the Holland to begin with, if we had turned on the radio 5 minutes sooner. Oh well, we tried not to let it get us down, and I felt better when I realized they'd probably let us watch from the back of the theatre, which they did.

The show was so good. It's been a while since I've been to a non-musical on Broadway and I really appreciate the craft and talent involved in being convincing on the live stage. The whole cast was great, the play is of course a masterpiece, and the set was incredible. The whole thing was very funny, I was especially impressed with Broderick's Felix--very different than either Jack Lemmon or Tony Randall, and a great interpretation. Nathan Lane as Oscar was pretty much what I expected, and was of course excellent. It's great seeing such talented professionals doing what they do best.

It took over half an hour to get the car from the garage, but the drive home was quick.

It was only in the car on the way home that the wife realized the irony of celebrating one's anniversary by going to a play about divorce.

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