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Poll #680821 Refrigerator cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned--really cleaned--your refrigerator?

Just today!
Within the last month
Within the last 6 months
Within the last year
I thought it was self cleaning
I do not have grown-up responsibilities concerning a refrigerator
I live in a dorm and throw out the cube every year

I mean, I used a weak bleach solution to clean the walls, and scrubbed where the ink from the milk cartons rubbed against the wall. I washed all the shelves in soapy water, and hand-dried them. I took the little bucket shelves in the door and cleaned them too. It gleamed like new. Most importantly, we did the all important throwing out of stuff that we're never going to eat again and probably has overstayed its welcome.

So, my advice to you, it's probably time to clean your fridge.

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