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Feb. 14th, 2006 @ 08:31 pm The $1815 cinnamon roll
We once went to the Rainbow Restaurant when we lived in Colorado, and had a lovely meal. We split a cinnamon roll at the end. This was a hardcore hippie cinnamon roll--whole wheat flour, sprinkled with sesame and pumpkin seeds, and drizzled in honey as opposed to whatever that shit is they put on a Cinnabon.

We get the bill and it's over $1800 dollars. Seems the waitress slipped and instead of charging us $1.85 for the cinnamon roll instead charged us $1815.00. We explained that while the cinnamon roll was tasty, it was certainly not worth $1815. She corrected her error, and I think we even tipped well.

The $1000 dessert made me think of this.
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